Asa Hall uses oxygen tank to speed up recovery



ASA Hall believes treatment in an oxygen chamber can accelerate his recovery from a torn calf muscle by up to two weeks.

The Cheltenham Town midfielder sustained the injury less than five minutes into his debut, at Bury on the opening day of the season.

It was feared he would miss up to six weeks of action, but after treatment at the Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerois Information and Therapy Centre in Gloucester, he is targeting a return to full training less than three weeks from now.

Hall went into the tank for the second time yesterday morning and he was due to take another ‘dive’ today.

“The physio Ian Weston thinks it’s a good idea to get some oxygen in to speed up the repair and my first couple of times down there have been good,” Hall said.

“I think it can knock a week or two off the predicted length of time I’ll be out and it already started to feel noticeably better after the first session.”

Hall was alone for his first dosage of high oxygen, which he said was unlike anything he has experienced before.

“It’s a bit strange and it gives you a funny feeling in your head, a bit like going up in a plane,” he said.

“An hour and a half is a long time to be left with your own thoughts, but if it’s doing the job, all the better.”

Hall is targeting the match at old club Luton Town on September 13 as his comeback appearance.

“I’d like to say three weeks from today, I’ll be back in full training ready for our game the Saturday after that,” Hall said.

“It was a nightmare start for me at Bury and there was no contact so it was very strange.

“I pushed off, felt a pop and I thought someone had thrown something at me. The pain set in and my day done, but hopefully it’s happened early enough for me to still go on and have a great season.

“ It’s been annoying watching everyone training from the gym window, but I’ll soon be back out there with the lads.”

Hall is now off crutches and he plans to continue visiting the self-funded centre, which uses a hyperbaric chamber to increase the pressure around the body.

He has been breathing 1.5 to 2.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure for an hour and a half per session.

Striker Jamie Cureton used the same treatment last year on his way back from a dislocated shoulder, while former Gloucester Rugby star Freddie Burns has also made use of the facility in Goodridge Avenue, Quedgeley.

For all enquires regarding use of the oxygen chamber, contact centre manager Rachael Mason or assistant manager Karen Phillips on 01452 419246.


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